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iGaming and betting operators is a UK-based site for licensed and trusted casinos, slots, live casinos,s and bingo sites in the UK.

Top-rated and trusted iGaming and betting operators

Roger is a consolidator of best-in-class online gaming and betting companies.

We are very proud to be part of a number of carefully selected distributors and vendors while maintaining strict independence.

We operate entirely in the interest of our players, not particular brands.

We’re based in the UK.

Why do we do it?

In 2019 we launched in the US, UK, and other markets because we saw a need to consolidate the betting and gaming offerings that are available around today’s marketplace.

Online Bingo, New Slots, Live Casino and everything in-between, Roger has you covered.

It’s a one-stop online gaming shop that we’ve designed to help you learn how to play PC games better.


What do we cover?

Our website offers a lot of information about different big sporting and horse racing events, and how you can bet on them.

It’s packed full of interesting and useful information about payment methods, software and gaming and other topics. To see the different versions of the same question, visit You may copy and paste the above HTML into your own webpage.

Because we’ve always enjoyed (and are interested in) betting for fun.

Online games are changing and getting better every day. The best things about it are that it is free and you can play it at anytime, from anywhere.

We want to make sure that we’re making a good business for ourselves. That we’re not going to be the same type of business that Amazon is, where they make their money by selling things back to other merchants. We’re actually going to be in that industry ourselves, so we want to make sure that we’re able to make some sort of living out of it.

We’re looking for like-minded players who are interested in playing poker, and we aim to provide a place for people who share a passion for the game to gather and learn from others who are passionate about the game.

We’re keen to steer people away from shady gaming operators and towards the legitimate ones that provide an authentic, honest and fair gaming experience. Sign up to our newsletter today and we’ll keep in touch with regular offers, promotions and industry news. I’ve been using regex to match the “A” or “B” phrases between the quotation marks and then replace them as follows: string=re.

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If you have any question, it’s best to ask us and we will answer you.

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