HempMyPet: Vertically Integrated Hemp Company

HempMy Pet

We’re a vertically integrated hemp company. That means we don’t just sell products.

We’re proud to offer premium pet products that are made with the finest natural and human-grade ingredients that are safe for even our furry friends to consume.

We’re excited to announce the introduction of CBD-infused dog treats, a first for any pet food company in the U.S., which can be used to calm and relax anxious pets and help manage aggression.We support and advocate for sustainable and Organic farming practices as well as bring awareness to the current and future landscape of Hemp and the importance of growing Hemp organically. We are active advocates for HempMy Pet as alternative medicine, and our work in the industry and encouragement of consumers to educate themselves is directly tied to moving the industry in a positive direction.Everyone has a right to use any plant or herb to heal their health and well-being, as long as it is safe.


Our Hemp Extract

We’re proud to offer our products that are derived from our own strain-specific, organically-grown Colorado hemp. All of our products are full spectrum, meaning that all of the active compounds are present and work synergistically, which means they are more effective and efficient.Our natural extract is certified organic by USDA. It’s free from pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, microbial content, and is tested for potency to ensure consistency in the finished product.

We’ve made a variety of choices to ensure that our product delivers a high-quality, consistent experience. We’re growing the strain specifically for the terpene and cannabinoids that provide our customers with relief from chronic pain, and we are carefully extracting those cannabinoids, isolating them, and packaging them in a discreet product.

This cannabis strain is a top quality clone and has been bred in-house for us to make sure it remains true to it’s genetics.

This ensures continued consistency in our finished products.

For a healthy brain and body, look no further than CBD Vape Pen Kit from CBD Supply. This vape pen kit contains a CBD cartridge, a CBD tank, an atomizer, and a USB charger.

We have the finest ingredients here. Our hemp is grown right here in Colorado, and we’re proud to say that we don’t use any imported products.

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