Part-time Massage Therapy Jobs 2023

Part-time Massage Therapy Jobs

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Part-time Massage Therapy Jobs 2023

Students should be able to pick out individual courses that interest them.

Students may also structure a series of classes in a way that might achieve specific objectives, such as improving job skills, pursuing new careers, or obtaining certificates or degrees.

Massage therapy is growing into a major field that provides relief and comfort to clients and patients. You can learn more about massage and enjoy this relaxation.

This book will help you learn different methods to treat soreness and tension in soft tissues to reduce stress and promote healing.

How much does a Part Time Massage Therapist make?

There is no fixed number of hours required for a Massage Therapist to be considered part time. The only thing that is consistent is that a Part Time Massage Therapist must charge less than 40 percent of what a Full Time Massage Therapist charges.

Part time massage therapists make the most in the 25th and 75th percentiles, according to PayScale’s salary data.

The average salary for a Part-time Massage Therapist ranges from $9-$29 an hour, depending on where in the country you work, how experienced you are and your skill level. There may be opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on your skill level and experience.

Based on the current job posting activity on, there is not a lot of Part Time Massage Therapy employment in Faisalabad or throughout the state.

A Part Time Massage Therapist in your area earns around the same amount as the national average, and that’s a really great hourly wage, especially considering that this career doesn’t require any training at all.

1. The top 10 places for Part-Time Massage Therapist salaries are Massage Therapy: The Top Cities Massage Therapy: The Top States Massage Therapy: The Top States Nationwide

2. We use the number of Massage Therapy jobs in your area to create an accurate hourly salary range for that job.

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What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Part Time Massage Therapist Jobs

We’ve analyzed massage therapy jobs across the country and found that the typical wage for a Part Time Massage Therapist in the following cities is higher than the national average.

In New York City, the Empire State Building stands at the top of the list. Next is San Mateo, California, followed by Great Neck Gardens, New York.

In New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island, NY have the greatest potential for home value appreciation over the next five years, while Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn all have the least.

There is a great opportunity for economic advancement in these 10 cities. You can change your current location to be closer to the places where people work and live.

The average salary for the top ten cities are similar, varying by less than 7% from $53,000 in New York City, NY to $51,400 in Juneau, AK.

Considering the possibility of a lower cost of living may be the best factor for choosing a location and salary for a Part Time Massage Therapist job.

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