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A poetry art blog that provides inspiration from the world of poetry, art, music, and literature. We are constantly creating new poetry, so check in regularly.

The best way to make a poem is by having the original vision in your mind. And then putting it into words. This is what I believe about art. If you’re new to poetry art, here are some tips on how to make a masterpiece.

Our poetry art blog shares tips and tricks on how to use WordPress and other web technologies to create unique art. We’ve also posted some of our own poems as well.

Poetry is a great way to express yourself creatively. Whether you’re expressing happiness, love, sorrow or sadness, poetry is the best way to communicate your emotions through words. You can write about any subject in the world with poetry, it doesn’t have to be related to anything.

What is poetry art?

Our What is Poetry Art? blog provides a forum for anyone interested in the topic of poetry to discuss issues of general interest.

Poetry Art is the best art form because it is made up of words. There are many forms of poetry such as epic poetry, short story poetry, and even non-poetic prose poetry. The best part of poetry art is that it allows us to express our deepest feelings and thoughts. In addition to art forms, poetry also has its own language called Poetical

Poetry is one of the oldest arts in human history. The oldest written poetry dates back thousands of years. Poetry is a form of art that uses language in a creative way. In this blog, we talk about how the word poem is derived from the Ancient Greek word poesis. The poet may use words, images, music or dance to communicate with the audience.

What is the difference between poetry and art? Is there a difference between the two? This blog post is about all this and more.

Why is poetry considered such a high art form?

Poetry is the highest form of art; it has no boundaries in language, genre or subject matter. Poems are thought to be the most effective means of communicating feelings and ideas. They range from short poems to epic poems with many different styles and themes. Some poets write about love, nature, spirituality, politics and philosophy. There is no limit to what a poet can

Poetry is one of the oldest art forms in existence. We are always surrounded by poetry, from the simplest everyday words to the most complex ones. There is a common belief that poetry is not an easy form of communication because it is hard to understand its deeper meaning. But this is not true. Poetry has a universal language that we all understand without speaking or knowing the

We share the latest research in psychology and neuroscience that explains why poetry and other creative works are so important to the development of the brain.

The Art of Poetry with Robert Pinsky

The Art of Poetry is the first book ever written by renowned poet Robert Pinsky. In this book, Robert discusses poetry from all time periods, including how the ancient Greeks approached their art, the great poets and works they produced, and the evolution of poetry in the 20th century.

This blog is for poets and poetry lovers. We write about poetry, reading and writing poetry, and offer insights into the world of poetry through articles, interviews, and videos.

In this series, we introduce poetry to kids through a variety of creative activities and games. We also use art as a way to encourage children to explore their own creativity. This series includes a lesson on the elements of poetry.

The art of poetry with Robert Pinsky explores the world of poetry, and the many ways to enjoy it. Learn about classic poems and poets, modern poets, and the history of poetry.

Wednesday, October 30, 2017

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Poetry, Art, and Music in Guillaume de Machaut’s Earliest Manuscript (BnF fr. 1586)

This is the first of four articles on the French poet Guillaume de Machaut’s manuscript, BnF fr. 1586. In this post we’ll look at the beginning of the manuscript, which contains the earliest known copy of one of Machaut’s songs. We’ll also examine some of the most important annotations, and

This post is the result of a collaboration with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) and the American Friends of the BNF. The BNF has been digitizing medieval manuscripts for more than thirty years, and has a team of experts who study these works of art.

Guillaume de Machaut wrote a poem on the theme of the Eucharist. He called it “The Feast of the Mystery of the Most Holy Body of Christ.” In this article we present all of his early manuscripts with a modern transcription.


This blog is dedicated to poetry, art, and music. Our goal is to make it easier for you to express yourself and share your creations with others.

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