Author’s Note Example: “I’m An Author”

author's note example

In the Author’s Note example above, we are telling our readers that this content has been created by one of our authors. We are also letting them know that they can follow their favorite authors for more content like this.

If you are looking for examples of author’s notes, you came to the right place. Our example pages are great for those who want to create their own. You will find free templates as well as premium ones.

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What Is an Author’s Note?

An author’s note is a special type of writing that includes information that is important to readers, but does not necessarily need to be included in the main body of text. An author’s note can be used to clarify facts in the body of the text or to provide additional information.

An author’s note is a brief passage at the end of a work of literature which provides additional background information, or information about the author or their inspiration for the book. It can also include a biography and short biographical information about the author.

We have heard many times from people asking us how we make their book look different than the rest. In this article, we will answer the question, what is an author’s note and how to include one in your work author’s note example.

Do You Need an Author’s Note?

Do you need an author’s note? Learn about the difference between a cover letter and an author’s note in this free article on writing a book proposal.

Have you ever had an agent or editor reject your book because they felt it didn’t need an author’s note? Is there really such thing as an author’s note? Do authors even really need to put an “author’s note” at the end of their books?

Sometimes, the author notes on the back of their books and journals are more helpful than the information they put in the body of the text. This blog offers advice on when to include a note and what type of notes to include.

Authors should note when they use copyrighted material (for example, quotations, pictures, charts, etc.). They should make sure that the work they quote, use, or include has been appropriately credited to its source.

What Should Be Included in the Author Note?

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In this blog post, we provide tips for those who would like to include an author note with their publication. The note should include information such as copyright notice, contact information, and publisher’s web address.

If you are looking for information on how to do a custom author note, this is the place for you! We’ve got some helpful articles here that can help you get started on a custom author note that’s totally unique to your book.

An author note is a short description about who is writing the article, what topic the post covers, etc. You can include a bio, links, or even pictures.

How to Write an Author’s Note

How to Write an Authors Note is a series of free, downloadable tips and tools that will teach you how to write a powerful and compelling note for a book proposal or any other writing project.

An author’s note is a written introduction to the book. This is typically used for nonfiction books. The author’s note should contain information such as the title, publication date, acknowledgements, dedication, copyright notice, and table of contents. In addition, you need to mention what makes the book unique.

An author’s note is a piece of writing included in the back of an author’s book or journal. It is meant to introduce the reader to the subject matter of the book.

We have written extensively about the importance of an author’s note in the past. If you haven’t read any of these posts, we encourage you to start with our original post from 2008. In that post, we outline the many different types of notes that writers should consider including in their books. We also address why an author’s note is important, as well as the pros


This is an example of what the author would write in the Conclusion section. The author is explaining why they wrote this particular article. This section should be written with a strong tone and include keywords and information to make the article stand out author’s note example.


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