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The VPN is an amazing tool for online security and privacy protection. If you are looking for some VPN tools, then the ProtonVPN is one of the best and most secure choice available in the market. However, it can also be confusing if you don’t know what these two different products are.

Proton VPN is a privacy oriented VPN that uses the most secure protocols including IKEv2 with perfect forward secrecy and AES-256 for encryption. Hide.me VPN is a free VPN service that protects you against ISP spying and prevents your IP address from being tracked by third parties. Both are great free options but each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why choose the free version of ProtonVPN?

The free version of ProtonVPN provides all of the same great features as the paid version, while only requiring a fraction of the resources. You can get the software on GitHub or directly from the ProtonVPN website.

We are happy to announce that ProtonVPN, one of the most popular VPN services in the world, is now available in the Windows Phone Store. ProtonVPN’s Windows Phone apps are designed to be simple and intuitive, providing all the privacy and security you need while staying out of your way. This means no pop-ups and no ads, only clean,

Disadvantages of the free version of ProtonVPN

In this blog, we’re going to be looking at some of the disadvantages of the free version of ProtonVPN. We’ll take a look at what is included with the free version, what you can do if you decide to upgrade, and also some of the other VPN providers.

ProtonVPN has released a new version of their VPN service called ProtonVPN Basic which allows people to access sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. This is a huge step forward in the world of VPNs and a great thing for people who want to connect to the internet but don’t want to pay any money. However, I noticed some problems with Pro

In this post, we’ll show you some disadvantages of the free version of ProtonVPN and the reasons why we think it’s not worth paying $10 a month.

It’s one thing to be passionate about something. But when you’re passionate about something, it’s not enough to just love it. You have to know why you love it so much. You

Why choose the free VPN service from Hide.me?

Hide.me offers an absolutely free VPN service to all of their users. If you have always wondered what the difference between a free VPN and one paid for by your credit card is, then read this.

The free VPN service from Hide.Me is one of the best options for free VPN for privacy. It’s fast, stable and unlimited in both speed and data transfer.

Most of us have no idea what a VPN is and what it can do for you. You should try a VPN, but there are a lot of different ones out there, and many of them are not worth the money or time they require. Fortunately, we have just the solution! We’ve spent years developing the best VPN service to date, and now we want

Disadvantages of the free version of Hide.me

Disadvantages of the free version of Hide.me – The free version of Hide.me plugin is only available to install in WordPress 3.0+ and WooCommerce 1.4+. In the free version, you are not able to customize the color and background of the page. Also, it’s not possible to add the text widget or any other widgets.

The free version of Hide.me comes with a number of disadvantages, such as hidden URLs, limited API calls per hour, and the inability to delete logs after they are generated. There are a few limitations that are not included in the free version. You must upgrade to the Pro version to unlock these features.

With our Hide.me Premium plugin, you have an online password manager that keeps your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers safe. However, there are also many disadvantages with this plugin. So we have compiled a list of 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use the Free Version of Hide.me.



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