On our egyptian women blog, you can learn the ancient Egyptian culture, language and lifestyle. You’ll also find information on our products such as egyptian clothing, jewelry, pottery, and furniture.

A travel blog with lots of photos and information on how to visit Egypt. All the photos are taken by me (I live in Cairo), so it’s not a fake or a scam. The Egyptian Women blog is one of my most popular blogs. I am posting new articles on my website almost every day.

Our EgypteWomen blog is dedicated to all the Egyptian women who are struggling to be recognized, who live in poverty, and who have been oppressed by both men and governments. We are here to give them the voice they deserve.

This is a very new website with some new information. If you are interested in Egyptian culture, women, and other topics related to Egypt, you should definitely check it out.

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Shrinking the Employment Gap for Egyptian Women

Our Shrinking the Employment Gap for Egyptian Women blog features news and trends around gender equality in Egypt.

Sitting in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Shrinking the Employment Gap for Egyptian Women report, I was reminded of my recent visit to Egypt. There are many challenges facing Egyptian women in their quest for equality. In the wake of the January 25 Revolution in Egypt, which saw women take the lead as organizers and activists, we know that there are tremendous strides being

The Shrinking the Employment Gap for Egyptian Women (SETEG) is a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development, under the Office of Women’s Program. The objective of this project is to increase the employability and earnings of women in Egypt through access to information and training.

Monday, April 17, 2018

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Egyptian Women & Labor Force: Challenges and Opportunities

Egyptian Women and the Labor Force has published a report entitled, “Challenges and Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment in Egypt.” This report provides a detailed analysis of current challenges and opportunities facing women’s empowerment in Egypt.

This blog was created with the goal of bringing the challenges and opportunities of the labor force in Egypt into focus for both policy makers and citizens. The blog provides information on the demographic profile of the labor force in Egypt, their current and future needs, and their aspirations for a better life

This is a blog about the labor market in Egypt and the challenges facing women in it. The main aim of this blog is to inform people on the realities of the labor force in Egypt today, especially for women.

Egypt Demographic and Health Survey in 2005 for Egyptian Women

This report contains the results of the Demographic and Health Survey of Egypt, a household survey conducted in January 2005. The survey covered the period October 2002 to September 2003.

A survey was conducted in 2005 by the ministry of health and Population in Egypt. This survey aimed to identify the knowledge and awareness about cervical cancer and Pap smear test among Egyptian women between the age of 15 and 49 years. The results showed that most women have some awareness about cervical cancer and Pap smear test. But they didn’t know their risk factors, cervical cancer symptoms, treatment

In 2006, the Egyptian Ministry of Health undertook a study on the health status of women in Egypt. In the report, there are details about the health status and quality of life of Egyptian women in 2005. The survey revealed that the main risk factors for women are violence, sexual harassment, and poverty.


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On our conclusion egyptian women blog, we bring you posts about the most popular topics in Egypt including politics, current affairs, human rights, education and culture.

Monday, 27 December 2014

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