A Weekend Paragliding Trip to Malibu


Malibu Paragliding is a new adventure that combines the freedom of being weightless with the rush of being free. You take off from the ground at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Santa Monica mountains, soar over the Pacific Ocean, and land on the sand at sunset. Your ride begins in the morning and lasts until sunset. The views from this par


Malibu Paragliding is the only paragliding school in South Africa and they have been providing professional training and experience since 2010.


Tours and Tickets by Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor

Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor is a paragliding & paramotor company based in New Zealand. They are the original developers of the world’s first ever paramotor. We provide bespoke flights throughout NZ and the UK.


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Visit the Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor website and see what a unique experience paragliding is. There are videos from past tours to show you some great footage. Check out the webcams, and see why so many of our guests call it the “most scenic sport in the world.” The website also includes photos from past tours and videos of par


Tandem Paragliding flight with instructor in Malibu

The next time you are flying a tandem paraglide, consider hiring a professional who can give you the ultimate flying experience. In Malibu we have the perfect spot to do this. The view is breathtaking, the wind is always calm and the weather is just perfect for flying.


We are a group of paragliding enthusiasts from all over the world. Our team has been providing paragliding services to many beginners as well as experienced pilots. We are also providing tandem paragliding services.


Tandem paragliding is a sport where two people fly together in tandem on a paraglider. The two people fly in the same aircraft but they are not tied together; instead, one person holds on to the lines and the other person holds onto their harnesses or seat.


Here we have a video of tandem paragliding from the hills above Malibu Beach California. We were both instructors on this particular flight. I was flying the tandem, and he was just guiding me during the flight.


Los Angeles: 30-Minute Tandem Paragliding Experience

In partnership with Paragliding Santa Monica, we are offering a unique tandem paragliding experience at the Santa Monica Municipal Beach. The 30-minute adventure will allow you to fly off the beach in tandem with another person. You’ll be able to glide together in the wind over the Pacific Ocean as you take in the beauty of the coast.


You’re in Los Angeles – the world’s most beautiful city. So what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than a tandem paragliding experience? Let’s go!


In addition to our LA weather report, we are also passionate about adventure sports like paragliding and hang gliding. This month we’re excited to be partnering with the world-renowned company Tandem Paragliding Adventures, which allows guests to experience the thrill of tandem paragliding. Here’s all the info you need for a


Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor

Malibu Paragliding and Paramotor is a world leader in paragliding and paramotoring. We offer unique tandem flights with professional pilots in the Santa Monica mountains, Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and Palm Springs.


We offer paragliding in the Malibu Mountains and paramotoring to get around the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County. For a fun adventure, let us take you up in the air and through the windy skies of Southern California. If you are new to the sport, don’t worry! We are here to help you get started and get comfortable in


Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor is the only private company in the world that offers paragliding and paramotoring services! From beginners to professionals, our experienced pilots will teach you everything you need to know in order to fly with us.


We have been developing our own paragliders since 2007. We are happy to announce the release of our new line of paragliding products. In addition, we are very excited to be the first in the world to introduce paramotoring to the public with the launch of our new company, Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor.



Malibu Paragliding – What is It?

I was on the lookout for a fun activity for my husband and I to do together on our recent trip to Malibu. When we got there, we immediately decided to paraglide.

We were both pretty nervous at first, but we quickly gained confidence as we learned the ropes. It’s pretty easy, and you just need a little bit of instruction to get started.

As long as you don’t have any injuries or health issues, you can go up to 10 times without any issues. You can even try it with friends, family, or even with your significant other.

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