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Here you will find out what is the grading system in UK. The post contains info about A-level and AS-level exams. This information may be useful for those who are looking for some tips.

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The U.K. system for grading furniture has become the standard throughout the world and now offers five different grades to choose from. These include:

Grading System in the UK

A Grading System (or Grading Scheme) is a system that assigns a grade (typically A, B or C) to a student’s work. The grade typically reflects the student’s level of proficiency, and therefore the educational value of the student’s work.

Here we share our knowledge about grading systems in the UK, especially for Primary School in the UK. You can also find related information about the primary school like schools list, types of primary school in the UK, government funded schools in the UK, private schools in the UK and more.

Grade 9 – Advanced Higher is the highest academic qualification available to students in England, Scotland and Wales. A student who achieves Grade 9 – Advanced Higher in English, Maths, Science, a single Science or a combined Science and Maths qualification is entitled to study at a higher level in the same subject (or in another Science subject) at A-level.

Grading systems are used to help students improve their writing skills by providing a consistent framework. They are also used as a form of marking, so that the teacher can provide feedback on an individual’s work. This is particularly useful for students who have learning difficulties, dyslexia, or any other disability that prevents them from writing naturally.

Grading system in UK Higher Education

We offer a FREE service to all universities and colleges in the Uk grading system them to create their own online grading systems. The system is simple to use and can be updated by staff with minimum involvement from IT department.


The Grading system in UK higher education is undergoing some significant changes with the implementation of the new

On our popular UK HE grading blog, we share information on HE exam results, courses, and our new grade boundaries. We also write about the changes to the new HE grading framework as well as the upcoming GCSE exams.

Academic grading in the United Kingdom

This blog contains information about a new online course called ‘Essential Skills in English for students of Business Studies’ from City & Guilds, UK.

Sebastian’s Blog is a collection of articles about various topics related to education in the UK. You can learn about what it means to be a teacher in the UK, how to write a dissertation, and how to teach English as a foreign language.


Our academic grading blog provides tips, tricks and resources to help teachers achieve the best results for their students.

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Grading System in UK GCSE

Our GCSE grading system blog offers advice and information for students studying GCSE English and GCSE Maths. You will also learn how to create a GCSE gradebook to monitor progress.

This blog is a collection of our GCSE and A Level papers. Here you can find the best papers for various subjects including; maths, english, history, economics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, law, music, drama, geography, art, computer science, languages and many more.

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This page contains the link to this grading system.

On our popular UK GCSE blog, you can find articles on grading schemes, plus posts on different types of papers and their marking criteria.

Our GCSE course provides the latest revision guides for all the key qualifications in the UK. This includes our new and updated GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English, Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Art and Design, and Health & PE. Our new GCSE Biology revision guide provides detailed exam guidance with detailed question answers and explanations to help


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